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Don't pay a fortune: ECO Guesthouse near Naiyang Beach Naiyang Beach and Phuket International Airport Areas
Naiyang Beach and Phuket International Airport Areas
Our webalbum at Google's Picasa
Our Webalbum at Google's Picasa
Following the demand my Real Estate Service ECOR offers assistance and mediation to the cases of:
* Buying and selling of land;
* Buying and rental of homes;
* Buying and rental of office buildings and spaces;
* Establishing of a company to the purpose of buying land
   by foreigners;
* Contacting Thai authorities.

My offer is limited to the area around Naiyang beach and the surroundings of Phuket International Airport HKT, which areas I know well. I know many people there and their problems and needs. Conversely, many people know me from my 108 mini market and my ECO Guesthouse. Their demand has brought me to establish the Real Estate Service ECOR.

My qualification is based on a study of accountancy with a final bachelor's degree of Ramkhamhaeng University at Bangkok. There are many years of professional experience as an employee of large companies in Bangkok and as an entrepreneur in Phuket. I am familiar with handling Thai authorities. My knowledge of English language in word and writing enables me to be helpful to foreigners too.

Please contact me if you believe my services could be useful to you.

Mrs Janchai Srisanga
Mobil: +66-81-9090501


ECOR's Actual Offer:

  ๑ / 1 A Plot of Land at Naiyang Village for Sale (75 rai)  
Valid HTML 4.01 Strict ๒ / 2 Void  
  ๓ / 3 2 New Bungalows at Naiyang Village for Rent
Both leased out
  ๔ / 4 A Plot of Land at Naiyang Village for Sale (16 rai)  
  ๕ / 5 Backing Soil for Your Building Project  

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