Excursions at Phuket and Phangngaa.

108 Shop near Naiyang Beach, Phuket Wat Phra Chum Yothi, Phangngaa Town
At Wat Phra Chum Yothi, Phangngaa Town
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Phuket Island is more than beach, rock and sun. There is no need to proceed to other places far away to enjoy a great nature and multiple cultural landmarks. For your convenience we propose a choice of excursions we explored ourselves.

They are customized for those of you who wish to be independent of commercial organizers, who do not want to be picked up and returned at / to the hotel at a certain time and do not want to join a group of unknown people.

The other side of the coin: You must drive yourself a rental car or a rental motor bike or use local busses or taxis.

ECO Guesthouse may help you in preparing your own trip.


Excursions to Northern Destinations at Phuket & Phangngaa

Wat Naiyang,
Local Market,
Wat Maikhao

* Your new vicinity.
Get to know your new vicinity
Wat Naiyang, Phuket. Courtesy Ross Guldenbrein
Phangngaa Province I
* Ban Khok Kloi,
* Phangngaa Town,
* Phangngaa Bay,
* Panyii Island.
Shopping at certain locations in Phangngaa Province ...
Panyi Island, Province of Phangnga
Phangngaa Province II
* Wat Suwanna Kuha,
* Elephant Stomach Cave,
* Wat Bang Riang.
Some kilometers outside Phangngaa Town ...
Stalactite Elephant Stomach Cave, Phangnga town
Phangngaa Province III:
* Khao Lak Area and
* Sarazin Bridge
At the West coast of Phangngaa Province ...
Khao Lak at West Coast of Phangngaa Province, Patrol boat 813
Khao Sok National Park I,
Cheow Lan Reservoir

* Khok Kloi,
* Phangngaa Town bypass road,
* Thap Put,
* Ta Khun,
* Rajjaprabha Dam
(180 km from airport).
One of the most spectacular destinations ...
Cheow Lan Reservoir, north of Phuket
Nationalpark Khao Sok II.
Cheow Lan Reservoir,
A Boat Trip
At good weather ...
Cheow Lan Reservoir
Golf Excursion I:
Mission Hills Golf Club
15 km from airport at the east coast ...
Mission Hill Golf Club, Phuket
Golf Excursion II:
* Thai Muang Golf Club (actually closed)
* Wat Tha Chat Chai
50 km from airport in the north ...
Thai Muang Golf Club
Golf Excursion III:
* Tablamu Navy Golf Course and
* Phuket Gateway near Sarazin Bridge
80 km from airport in the north ...
Tablamu Navy Golf Course
Restaurants in the North of Naiyang Beach:
* Airport Club at Phuket Airport
   (Andaman Sea Good View);
* Thanoon Seafood at Sarazin Bridge;
* Thai Muang National Park;
* Navy Golf Club at Tablamu;
* Several seafood restaurants at
   Panyii Island;
* Floating restaurant at KhaoSok NatPark

Here's a short list of restaurants (our choice) that are located north of Naiyang Beach. During self-guided excursions it can be helpful to follow a recommendation. We have checked them ourselves and most of them visited repeatedly.
Restaurants in the North of Naiyang Beach