Rássada Pier, Gateway to PhiPhi Islands

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Rássada Pier, East of Phuket Town
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Rássada Pier, situated east of Phuket Town, is the gateway to the PhiPhi Islands, the dream scenario of many visitors of Phuket. We do not tell you what is to be expected on the PhiPhis, but the way from ECO Guesthouse to Rássada Pier.

Phuket, Rassada Pier
Chao Koh Group
Phuket, Rassada Pier
Inside the Terminal Building
Phuket, Rassada Pier
Phuket, Rassada Pier
Marketplace Upperdeck

1) By Airport Bus until the Bus Terminal behind Phangngaa Road in Phuket Town (approx. 60 min.), changing to a taxi or tuk-tuk (approx. 10 min.), ride to Rassada Pier (approx. 15 min.). Estimated travel time from the bus stop near ECOG: approx. 85 min.
2.) By taxi: From ECOG to Rássada Pier: Estimated travel time 60 - 70 min., charge about 800 baht for 2 - 3 persons.

Phuket Rassada Pier
Rássada Pier, Terminal Building